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Can the painter spray around solar panels?


Yes, our technicians take every care to minimise overspray to solar panels, pool heaters, air conditioning units, and chimneys.  These areas are “cut in” with a brush about 300mm from the area to minimise any possible overspray. If there is still a change of overspray the technicians will cover these areas with protective drop sheets.  However, our technicians cannot remove solar panels or other items on the roof.  If wanting to paint underneath, you would need to organise their removal prior to painting




How long will it take to paint my roof?


Depending on the style of roof you have, type of service you have chosen, size of your roof and weather conditions, it can take between 1-3 days to prepare, paint and complete.




Do I need to do anything before the technicians arrive?


Yes, we suggest you move any vehicles, outdoor furniture or other items out of the way to allow the technicians to access the roof easily and to minimise any water damage or overspray from the pressure washing and painting process.  If you have pets or young children, it is a good idea to keep them inside or in a separate area.




What if we use tank water at home, can the painting pollute our drinking water?


No.  Our technicians use a pre-painting checklist that includes ensuring all tank in-flows and guttering is diverted away from water catchments and tanks before starting the job.  DeGroot Roof Painting only uses acrylic paints that are suitable for use on roofs that are drinking water catchments.  




Do you paint and repair tiled roofs?


DeGroot Roof Painting specialises in fast, efficient and thorough painting of all types of metal roofs, including Colorbond steel, galvanised iron, and zinc aluminium.  We also offer restoration of concrete, painted concrete, some glazed roof tiles, pressed metal and stitched metal tiles.  Unfortunately, if your tiled roof is extremely steep or made of terracotta material, we may be unable to provide you with a quote, so please discuss this with our sales team.




What sort of questions should I prepare for?


So we can give you the most accurate quote, we will ask you a number of questions as part of the initial telephone conversation.  Some of the things we'll ask include:


1.    Do you know what type of metal or tile your roof is:  e.g, Colorbond, Galvanised Iron, Zinc, etc?
2.    What does your roof look like when looking up at it from the ground?  Has it been painted before or are the sheets as per factory produced.
3.    If your roof is painted, is the paint 'flaking' up or peeling in any places?
4.    Is there rust present on the roof?
5.    Do you have, or have you ever had any leaking issues with the roof?
6.    Do you have solar panels or skylights on your roof?
7.    Is your roof single or double-storey?
8.    Is your roof older than 1970?  Is it possible that there may be lead paint on your roof?
9.    What sections of your building's roof would you like quoted?  e.g.  'All of house footprint" or 'carport only'
10.  Have you considered colour options?  We use the Colorbond range of colours.
11.  Are you on tank water where your roof is situated? Do you have tank inflows from your roof?  Are your tank inflows easily disconnected?
12.  Are you wanting your guttering and fascias painted too?  Note, we do not paint below the roof's edge
13.   How would you classify the pitch of your roof?  Flat, average, steep or very steep?

14.  Do you have dormer roofs?  Note, we do not paint exterior cladding or dormer windows, but may be able to help with fascia or gutter painting of dormers.

15.  Is electricity connected to the property?  Our paint spray units require an electrical connection.

16.  Are there tenants at the property who may need to be notified of any proposed works?  What are their contact details?

17.  If your roof surface is new Colorbond, how 'new' is it?  Note, we may not be able to paint Colorbond roof sheeting that is 'younger' than 3 or 4 years.


Because we are targeting such a large area  quoting will be done remotely using imagery software.